Masala (मसाला) & Advieh (ادویه)

My future Indian saas (सास) and sasur (ससुर) [parents-in-law] would be impressed of my masala collection with ardent cooking skills in pan-Indian cuisine! My pride and joy. I've sourced quality whole spices from local Indian groceries in addition to procuring specialty and rare herbs via trusted online resellers. Each collage pictorializes a unique masale blend for a specific cooking style or regional cuisine of India. The ingredients are listed in alphabetical order with names in Romanized Hindi.

Chai Masale (चाय मसाले)
Chaat Masala (चाट मसाला)
Garam Masale (गरम मसाले)
Biryani Masale (बिरयानी मसाले)
Maharashtrian Masale (महाराष्ट्रियन मसाले)
Lazzat-e-Taam (लज़्ज़त-ए-ताम)
Awadhi Nihari Masale (अवधी निहारी मसाले)
Advieh (ادویه) Collection
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